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Recessed Light


A recessed lamp is a small luminaire designed to be installed embedded in the floor or ceiling, and has certain characteristics that must be evaluated before installing it in the area that we want to illuminate, the design, the angle of light and the amount of light offered by each lamp.

Recessed lighting installation

How important is the recessed light design?

We must love the design before making the purchase, and it must be adapted to the decoration we want for our space. However, it is important that we look at other aspects  to choose our recessed lamp. To get to the point, the most important is the angle of light.

This type of lighting helps to highlight important areas of the room, but we must be careful not to waste the versatility that these types of lamps offer.

What is the best angle to install recessed lights?

It is very easy to use the correct angle of light, for example, if we have a large angle, that is to say about 120ΒΊ, we will be able to minimize the shadows and create a feeling of spaciousness, although it will be a general light, which will not differentiate any specific area .

On the other hand, with more closed angles, below 90ΒΊ, we will have the opportunity to highlight and accentuate certain areas, in addition to highlighting elements that we want to attract attention.

What is the best distance between recessed lamps?

There is no exact correct distance, it depends on many factors, such as the angle of light and the height of the ceiling. However, if your lamps have an angle of 60ΒΊ, the recommended distance is 80-90 cm between each one, while if the angle is 120ΒΊ, they can be separated up to 110-120 cm, approximately.

How to Install Recessed Lighting?

We strongly recommend leaving the installation of recessed spotlights in the hands of experts for the prevention of overloads in the circuit, in this way you will have the best adequate lighting distribution you need in your home without risk by scheduling an appointment online or by calling (562) 453 8688 today.