Parking lot lighting

Good lighting allows:

  • Traffic to be seen more clearly and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • It encourages better orientation in general and allows vehicles to be identified more quickly.
  • It helps to identify limits and obstacles well in advance.

An intermediate lighting intensity with good glare reduction and an even distribution of light to the periphery is required depending on the frequency of traffic. The luminaires are positioned in line with the parking spaces and in considered dangerous areas such as entrances and exits.

Parking lot lighting

Lighting quality

The light should be white and preferably clean, which means that it is clearer, more vivid, and evenly distributed. It should reflect the actual colors, as in the wrong light, a brown or gray car may look the same when the light is not good. At this point, the concept of color rendering should be applied.

Lighting location

Uniformity is important for people’s comfort. There should be no dark areas and other over-lit areas. A little more light may be needed in the corners, and in more distant spaces because this is usually where it gets dark and dirty or are areas of greater risk.

How to install parking lot lights?

We strongly recommend leaving the installation of parking lot lights in the hands of experts, this way you will have the best lighting distribution you need without risk. Reach out to us by scheduling an appointment online or by calling (562) 453 8688 today.