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Good parking lot light allows:

  • Traffic to be seen more clearly and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • It encourages better orientation in general and allows vehicles to be identified more quickly.
  • It helps to identify limits and obstacles well in advance.
Intermediate light intensity is required depending on the frequency of traffic. Therefore, parking lot light are placed in line in areas considered dangerous, such as entrances and exits.
Parking lot lighting

How to choose the right lighting for my parking lot?

There are many factors to consider in order to get the right lighting, for example, the light should be white and preferably clean, meaning it is clearer, more vivid, and evenly distributed. But we also need to consider whether it is going to be a home parking light or a commercial parking light.

LED parking lot lights

LED parking lot lights reduce shadows and improve visibility so people feel safer and drivers have better control of the situation. As a result, lighting varies as needed, making maintenance easier and reducing energy consumption.

Solar parking lot lights

When it comes to creating a sustainable project, solar parking lights are the best solution and maintenance is minimal. In other words, solar-powered parking lights offer the most cost-effective, long-term solution to optimizing the energy efficiency of your business or commercial property.

Parking lot light pole

Parking lot light poles offer a way to add lighting to a street, parking lot, or other areas.
With so many to choose from, there’s one for every need and price point, but keep in mind that it’s the best residential or commercial parking lot lighting solution for your needs.

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Outdoor parking lot lights

In conclusion, the location of lighting is important for the comfort of people. There should be no dark areas and other too light areas. A little more light may be needed in the corners, and in more distant spaces because it is usually where it gets dark and dirty or they are areas of greater risk.

How to install parking lot lights?

We strongly recommend leaving the installation of parking lot lights in the hands of experts, this way you will have the best lighting distribution you need without risk. Reach out to us by scheduling an appointment online or by calling (562) 453 8688 today.