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Also known as a breaker box or panel box, your electrical panel supplies the correct power to every space in your home. Although always reliable and safe, electrical panels can start to show signs of wear. This is why your breaker box must be in tip-top condition to ensure its best performance.

More importantly, having the correct breaker box or electrical panel upgrade done on time will prevent the risk of having an electrical failure in your home or commercial business.

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Electrical Company in Long Beach for an electrical Panel Installation

Older homes are more likely equipped with outdated electrical panel boxes. These breaker boxes cannot handle the load of modern appliances. If that’s the case, Ducros Electric can provide you with an electrical panel upgrade to avoid any electrical failure that could damage your appliances.

You may need to upgrade your electrical box to connect more devices. If that’s your case the solution is to call Ducros Electric. We are a licensed electrical company in Long Beach CA with more than 20 years of experience in the area, offering a fast and reliable electrical repair service.


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Detecting a problem before it happens is a very effective way of preventing risks. Above all, it is very important when it comes to your electrical installation since many crucial factors depend on it that can help avoid the total loss of your appliances. Or even something more serious, like starting a fire. So ask yourself, when should I upgrade my electrical box or breaker box?

Here are a few things to consider that are a red flag for you to upgrade your electrical panel right away:

  • If your home is more than 20 years old, or you have remodeled or added computers, televisions, or other appliances.
  • Your electrical panel smells, buzzes, or feels hot.
  • The lights in your home or commercial business regularly flicker or dim.
  • It has some abnormal color in some of the exit holes.

Your electrical panel must have the capacity to provide adequate energy for your electrical appliances. When you add more electrical devices, you are increasing the electrical consumption of your circuit. Consequently, you must also increase the capacity of your electrical panel or switch box. Otherwise, if the electrical panel in your home or commercial business is outdated, it will overload and malfunction.

How much does it cost to upgrade an electrical panel?

There are several factors that you must consider to calculate the exact price of your electrical panel upgrade service. The average price can be from $800 to more than $6,000 depending on the type of service you need.
You also have to consider the type of panel to be installed, the necessary amperage, the size of the electrical panel, the brand or model, labor, and all the necessary materials.

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Residential electrical panel upgrades

Experts in residential electrical services like electrical fuse box repair, and proper breaker box wiring, open the doors of your home to clean, kind, and considerate electricians, call Ducros Electric!

Commercial electrical panel installations

Are you planning to install an electrical subpanel in your commercial business? Or do you want to add more machines, but need to increase the capacity of your breaker box? Ducros Electric specializes in electrical panel upgrades and installations, don’t wait any longer and call us now!

Why is Ducros Electric the right electrician to call to install an electrical panel?

Ducros Electric knows that your home’s safety is a priority. That is why we work accordingly to provide confidence to our clients. As licensed electricians, our motto is to be clean, kind, and considerate. So if you need help solving an electrical problem in your home or commercial business, do not hesitate to call us, we will be your best option.

Ducros Electric is the Long Beach electrician to repair or upgrade your electrical panel, providing professional and reliable electrical service. We are always at the service of our customers and willing to solve any electrical repair you have in your home.

What type of circuit breaker box or breaker panel do I need?

The dangers of not having the proper circuit breakers installed in your home can result in major hazards to your electrical circuits, such as damaged outlets, or more serious damage, such as electrical fires.
That is why you should always have your electrical panel updated and in good condition, knowing the necessary amperage is very important since that way you can prevent an overload in your electrical circuit.

How to choose the correct breaker box for my house?

Don’t know what type of amperage you need? Don’t worry, call Ducros Electric now, we are the Long Beach electrical experts you can trust!

400 amp breaker box

400-amp service is recommended for larger homes that require a higher electrical supply capacity, either because they have all-electric appliances and larger electric heating or cooling equipment, such as hot tubs, and high-demand equipment.

200 amp breaker box

200-amp service can power a typical home, but may not be compatible with a large electric heating system. However, it is the most suitable option for homeowners who use many appliances, water heating, etc.

100 amp breaker box

100-amp service provides enough power to run a small home without electric heat. We can also add that it is enough to supply energy for an electric stove and a dryer, as well as general lighting and electrical outlets.

Electrical Panel - Long Beach

Long Beach electrical panel upgrade services offered:

  • Sub Panel Installation
  • Sub Panel Upgrade
  • Breaker Box Installation or Upgrade
  • 400 Amp Service Installation
  • 200 Amp Service Panel Upgrade
  • 100 Amp Service Installation
  • Fuse Box replacement or upgrade
  • Circuit Break repair
  • Outdoor Electrical Boxes
  • Electrical Panel upgrade
  • Electrical Panel Installations
  • Electrical Panel repair
  • Replace Circuit Breaker Box
  • Replace electrical panel
  • Replace Fuse Box
  • Move an Electrical Panel
  • and more…

The service you need is not in the list above? Don’t worry, contact us and one of our expert agents will assist you shortly.

Breakers & fuses repair

Fuses and circuit breakers are devices that protect electrical circuits against damage caused by current surges, which can even lead to fires, explosions, and electrocutions. Fuses are generally applied in domestic circuits and the light industry, while circuit breakers are designed to meet the needs of heavy industry. We must remember that home electrical systems are made for average use, but anyone can overload a circuit.

If you need an electrical repair, Ducros electric is the Long Beach most affordable electrical repair company that provides electrical panel repair solutions, breaker box installations, fuse box inspections, sub-panel installations or upgrades, and electrical panel upgrades.

Long Beach Electrical Panel upgrade

All you need to know about electrical panel wiring!

The proper maintenance of your electrical breaker box and wiring can be vital in preventing an electrical surge that can damage all of your appliances.

Another thing to consider is the colors of the electrical wires. They may not mean anything if you know nothing about electrical work, but knowing the proper color coding is very important as each color has a different function. Depending on their color, they can carry current at some point, so they must be handled by professionals.

Residential electrical panel upgrade

Professional residential electricians in the inspection, repair, installation, and upgrade of electrical panels or electrical circuit breaker boxes.

It's secure if I have a breaker box outside of the house?

Yes, it is completely normal to have your electrical panel outside or in your backyard, as long as it is in a good location and properly maintained.

Residential electrical panel installation

If you need electrical panel installation in or near the Long Beach CA area, call the experts, call Ducros Electric!

What to Expect During an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Importance of Hiring a Professional Electrician: Electrical panel upgrades should always be performed by a licensed and experienced electrician. Upgrading an electrical panel can be a complex and potentially dangerous process, and mistakes can lead to serious safety hazards or damage to the property’s electrical system. A professional electrician has the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to perform an upgrade safely and efficiently while ensuring that the electrical system is up to code and meets all safety standards.

Is Your Electrical Panel Outdated? It May Be Time for an Upgrade

Common Reasons for Electrical Panel Upgrades: While an electrical panel upgrade is often needed to increase the capacity of a property’s electrical system, there are several other reasons why an upgrade may be necessary. For example, an older electrical panel may be outdated and no longer meet current safety codes, or it may be damaged or corroded due to age or exposure to the elements. Additionally, if a property is being renovated or expanded, it may require an electrical panel upgrade to accommodate the increased demand for power.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel:

“Upgrade Your Electrical Panel for Improved Energy Efficiency and Safety”

Upgrading your electrical panel offers a range of benefits beyond just increasing capacity. Not only will you have a constant supply of electricity, but you can also add more appliances without overloading the system or tripping breakers. Plus, with a newer panel, you can improve energy efficiency and protect your sensitive electronic devices from power surges.

But that’s not all. By upgrading your electrical panel, you’ll also increase the security of your home and ensure proper functioning of all your appliances. This means a more constant supply of electrical energy and a reduced risk of fire. With a suitable electrical panel, you can have peace of mind knowing your electrical devices are running smoothly and safely.

How to repair a circuit breaker?

At Ducros Electric our main goal is to make your home or office safer by having adequate circuit and fuse installation services for your daily use. That’s why we highly recommend to contact a licensed electrician for your circuit breaker repair or replacement, get the right electrical capacity you need in your home without risk by scheduling an appointment online or by calling (562) 453 8688 today.

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