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Lighting Repair

Lighting repair services in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.

Long Beach Electrical Lighting repair solutions

Certified electricians for any lighting repair or installation located in Long Beach California, with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial lighting upgrades. We provide an immediate solution to any lighting problem in your home, apartment, building, or commercial business.

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Residential Lighting Repair

Good lighting is vital for any space in your home, it will not only give it a better look but also a different design. It is necessary to have a good lighting scheme both inside and outside your home, we must not forget those spaces where we need more lighting. The lighting in the bedroom is vital, but the details are very important, we must not forget the closet, the basement, the kitchen, the patio, the backyard, and of course the garage. If the lights in your house aren’t working, do you have a reliable residential lighting repair service to call? if you don’t have it, don’t worry, Ducros Electric is the solution! 

We know you’re capable of fixing minor electrical repairs like changing a light bulb or replacing a blown fuse. For everything else, leave it to the professionals, call Ducros Electric, we are qualified and experienced professional electricians.

Ducros Electric can take care of any

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Ceilling Lights

LED Lights

The best electrical lighting repair company in Long Beach CA!

Why is Ducros Electric your best option to repair or improve the lighting in your home?

We have more than 20 years in the business of electrical repair of lighting, residential and commercial. We have expert electrical repair technicians and certificates to handle all types of lighting installation, repair, or upgrade for better lighting inside your home.

How do I know if I have an electrical problem with my lights, or if I need to replace my lighting?

If you have a notion about the topic it may be self-evident, but if you have no idea, you may be wondering how you can be sure if you have an electrical problem with your lighting.

Some of the signs you can notice when improving your lighting are:

  • flashing lights
  • A dim light or very little lighting
  • light switches not working
  • Overheating of lights or wiring.

If you notice any of these problems in your home, don’t wait any longer and leave it in the hands of professionals. Ducros Electric specializes in all kinds of lighting repairs, or if you simply want to give your home a new look and install another type of lighting, call the experts, call Ducros Electric!

What it is the Lighting Desing, It really matters?

People think that lighting design is simply finding the right lights for each space in their home or commercial business, and that's why they don't care.

Lighting design consists of planning the entire lighting design in such a way that good results can be guaranteed to give your property better lighting, always considering all possible variables.

This lighting design process aims to achieve the transformation of all types of spaces for better lighting according to the user's needs. It also aims to highlight the main elements of architecture or design to achieve an attractive and original result.

By planning the lighting design and providing proper maintenance, you prevent the risk of an electrical surge that can damage the lighting in your home or commercial business. If this happens, do not hesitate to call Ducros Electric, we are the best electricians you should call to repair your lighting.

Lighting Design
interior lighting comparison - beforeLuxurious living room  with big windows, couple of sofas and armchairs

Indoor Lighting

Interior lighting helps us transform and highlight our spaces, but you must consider the amount of light and what tone you want inside your home. 

You must install the lights where they do not dazzle or disturb us. Before placing it at a certain point, test how the lights will look, this way, you will save a lot of money if you do not like the results.

Depending on where you place a lamp, you can highlight aspects of the decoration or draw attention to an object.

Interior lighting design

The design of your indoor lights can vary according to your personal preferences. You should consider the style of the lights, the type of bulbs, or whether you will be using lamps or recessed lights.

Another important fact that you should keep in mind is the place where you are changing the lighting design. You may be trying to repair or change the lighting design in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Perhaps you are looking for something more modern like installing the lighting inside a closet or cabinet.

Regardless of the lighting location, you may be wondering:

  • Which is the best interior lighting?
  • Do I need general or ambient lighting?
  • How to install lighting fixtures, do I need an expert?

Pendant Lights

Wall Sconces

Ceilling Lights

Lighting Fixtures

Recommended types of lights for interiors

The type of indoor lighting will depend on each room in the house and the type of light bulb you use. Cold lighting is better for the bathroom and kitchen, and warm lighting is better for the living room or bedrooms.

What types of lighting can I use?

Consider the type of light you will use. Warm light relaxes us, while cold light stimulates us. Try multiple light sources, and combine lamps according to the intensity of the lighting.

Do you need help with your indoor lighting installation?

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting includes any installation carried out in an open space in your home.

Many types of luminaires are currently designed for each place and use. However, all types of light sources for outdoor luminaires vary according to the needs of each place. That is why the design, power, and characteristics of the luminaire will depend on the specific service that is required.


What lighting is the most suitable for the exterior of the house?

For the exterior, there are luminaires of a functional nature and those that make up social or recreational spaces.

Remember to take precautions when installing outdoor lighting. That is why Ducros Electric recommends that you leave this in the hands of the Long Beach certified and experienced electricians. Trust us, call Ducros Electric!

What is the best outdoor lighting?

The answer will depend on the design and place in the exterior that you need to illuminate:

  • Lighting on facades
  • Lighting for entrance areas, garages, walkways, and garden paths
  • Lighting next to the fences and planters
  • Lighting in rest areas and confined spaces
  • Lighting between plants
  • Lighting for a terrace

Do you need help with your outdoor lighting installation?

Commercial Lighting Repair

Ducros Electric specializes in the installation, repair, and upgrade of commercial lighting in and around the Long Beach area.
We are professional electricians and we have more than 20 years of experience providing repair services for electrical lighting. In addition to having specialized technicians, we are the leading electrical repair services company and have a record of hundreds of customers who are satisfied with our work and who support us.

The best commercial lighting repair company in Long Beach CA!

If you need services of:

  • Commercial lighting installation
  • Commercial lighting repair
  • Commercial lighting upgrade
  • Commercial lighting installations

Don’t hesitate to call the best lighting repair company in Long Beach, call Ducros Electric!

Professional Lighting Repair Services in Long Beach, CA

Expert Lighting Repair Services in Long Beach, CA

If you’re facing lighting problems in your Long Beach home or business, Ducros Electrical Services is here to help! Our experienced technicians have been providing top-notch lighting repair services for over 20 years, including repairs for: 

  • LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting.

Expert Lighting Repair Services in Long Beach, CA

Our customers are our top priority. Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients in Long Beach:

“Ducros Electrical Services is simply the best! Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and always gets the job done right. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my lighting repair needs.” – Mark L.

“I’ve been using Ducros Electrical Services for years and have always been impressed with their quality of work. They’re prompt, reliable, and provide excellent customer service. I highly recommend them for any lighting repair needs!” – Angela G.

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Service Area and Transparent Pricing

Our lighting repair services are available in Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas within a 15-mile radius. At Ducros Electrical Services, we believe in providing transparent pricing information to our customers in Long Beach. Although the cost of lighting repair services can vary depending on the complexity of the project, we’re committed to providing fair and reasonable prices. 

Request a callback from our team today for a personalized quote for your lighting repair needs.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience in lighting repair services, Ducros Electrical Services has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and repair all types of lighting systems, from simple bulb replacements to complex repairs. We’re also fully licensed and insured, so you can trust us to provide safe and reliable services to your Long Beach home or business.

Additional Electrical Services

In addition to lighting repair services, Ducros Electrical Services offers a wide range of electrical services to customers in Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our additional services include:

  • electrical installation and upgrades
  • electrical panel upgrades
  • electrical inspections and code compliance
  • electrical troubleshooting and repair
  • wiring and rewiring services

If you’re in need of reliable and professional lighting repair services in Long Beach, CA, don’t hesitate to contact Ducros Electrical Services today. Schedule an appointment with our expert technicians to experience the high-quality service that our satisfied customers have come to rely on. Request a callback from our team today for a personalized quote for your lighting repair needs in your Long Beach home or business.